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Jiří Nymš

Here is list of my software projects.

Blowfish in VHDL

VHDL, Spartan3, 2011

Implementation of Blowfish encryption with acceleration based on parallel pipelines for FPGA Xilinx Spartan3 XC3S200, semester project.

Ecliptic curves on AVR

C, AVR Butterfly, 2011

Implementation of Diffie-Hellman key exchange with ecliptic curves on GF(2n), co-author, semester project. Read only SVN login: pub:pub

Crowley webserver

C++, 2010

Simple HTTP server with cache and multiple threads, semester project.


C++,Qt4, Linux, 2008

Tool to predict remaining time on battery, when battery sensor fails, semester project.

Java SE, 2008

Tool to upload multiple images to, semester project. Not sure, if it still works.


Python, MySQL, HTML, jQuery, since 2002

Website of cycle camp Ventilek Náchod, source